• Dr Maritza Baez I am Beauty Watch me Soar! Beauty Skincare & Wellness 2020 Planner

    I Am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Skincare, Beauty and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner

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I Am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Skincare, Beauty and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner

Master Essential Lessons That Will Upgrade Your Habits

Learn 120 practical ways to boost your beauty and wellness routines curated by award-winning Family Physician and Beauty, Skincare and Wellness Expert Dr Maritza Baez.

Meet the Author

Want to take your wellness to the next level?

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Get out of your beauty, skincare and/or wellness rut that isn't helping you reach your goals.

This isn’t your typical planner.  It’s a year-long program to help you stay focused and consistent, and to create new skincare, beauty and wellness rituals.  You’ll decide your goals, map out your action steps, and keep yourself on track every day, week, month and quarter - while also celebrating your strengths, focusing on personal growth, and designing time to relish your life.

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Discover a practical program to help you be focused, stay consistent, and let your beauty, skincare and wellness soar!

100 inspirational quotes throughout the planner will inspire you to 

Aim for clearer, younger-looking skin

Feel healthier than ever

Gain confidence

Make yourself a priority

Look your best

Dr Maritza Baez I am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Skincare, Beauty & Wellness 2020 Planner

Inside You'll Find

2020 Goals & Yearly Planner

Quarterly Goals Trackers

Quarterly Challenges

Quarterly Workout Planners

Monthly Planners

Monthly Self Care Planners

Monthly Self Love Affirmations

Monthly Notes

Weekly Planners

Weekly Beauty Ritual Trackers

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I am Beauty Watch Me Soar! Beauty Skincare & Wellness 2020 Annual Planner by Dr. Maritza Baez

Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly planners and goal trackers will help you:

Gain a clear vision of how to achieve your goals

Stay organized

Learn routines you can stick with

4 Quarterly Challenges:

A 30-day Beauty Challenge

A 30-day Skincare Challenge

A 30-day Wellness Challenge

A 30-day Journal Challenge

During these challenges, you will learn 60 skincare & beauty tips as well as 60 wellness tips that will help you take time for yourself and nurture your self care routines.

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I am Beauty Watch Me Soar Dr Maritza Baez Beauty Skincare and Wellness 2020 Annual Planner

The Benefits of a Challenge

The core goal of a challenge is to change behavior. With the right education, skills, and motivation, you can change your habits. Trying new things gets you out of your comfort zone and opens your eyes to new possibilities. Discovering a routine that you can be consistent with and that elevates your overall wellness is priceless!

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Dr Maritza Baez I Am Beauty. Watch me Soar!

The Power Of Following a Plan

As adults, we are constantly making important decisions, caring for others around us, and facing challenges almost every day. That can be exhausting! It’s tough to find the right balance between responsibilities and self-care. How are you expected to know how to use each moment, prioritize your time and be focused?

With the weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning sections, you can plan ahead of time, so that in those everyday moments, you’ll know exactly what to do and not fall into the traps of stagnation, procrastination, or just feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

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Dr Maritza Baez I am Beauty watch me soar skincare beauty and wellness 2020 annual planner

Daily Reflection and Improvement

According to the author James Clear, who wrote Atomic Habits, “If you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the end of the year.”

Ultimately, the most powerful value of this planner is that you can use it every day to stay focused and continuously elevate your wellness.

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Dr Maritza Baez photo by Blanc Photographie

A note from Dr Maritza Baez, author of I Am Beauty Watch me Soar!

The first thing you notice as you go through this book is that this isn’t like a traditional planner at all!

It’s actually way more than a planner.

You are actually holding a complete program to help you get organized, gain clarity, and create major breakthroughs in your skincare, beauty, and wellness.

This planner is a product of over 25 years and thousands of hours of practicing what I learned from CEOs, chemists, doctors, aestheticians, and other experts.

It puts together all the secrets that we need to elevate our wellness routines.

Overall wellness incorporates self-care as well as skincare. Discovering the beauty within yourself and around you is the ultimate goal of wellbeing.

Please use this planner as a way to document your journey with skincare, beauty, and wellness. I also created some valuable resources linked on this website for you to utlitize. The Beauty, Skincare and Wellness Resources pages link to some of my favorite rituals I have discovered over the years that have elevated my own journey. May your discoveries be epic and your transformations be awe-inspiring!

I’d love to hear from you so please send me a message under the Contact Us section.

Contact Us


When you purchase the hard copy of my planner, you will get these FREE Gifts worth over $175. Click on the PDF version to see what free gifts you get with purchase of the PDF version.

Free Beauty Ritual Tracker!

My gift to you! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Get organized and never miss a step of your beauty, skincare and wellness routine! Keeping a record will help you note changes and get an understanding of what works best for you!

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Look Inside

"A Beautifully Designed Planner"

I’m so busy, I hardly ever have time to take care of myself.  Dr. Baez’s planner helps me make a routine to do just that on a regular basis! I write down my goals for skincare, beauty & wellness for 2020, then the planner helps me break down those goals by quarters. Every month I write out my self-care plan, go through my self love affirmations, create a beauty ritual along with weekly plans & notes to wrap up every month. The quarterly 30 day challenges & workout planners rock!  All this in a beautifully designed planner that I’ll love which makes it easy to maintain my relationship with it.

Crystal J. Rodriguez, Esq.

"Well Done"

This planner is motivational and inspiring. It's easy to set goals as well as track progress. The 30-day challenges are in fact challenging which makes me feel that completing them will give me a great sense of accomplishment. I also look forward to the beauty and wellness results. Well done.

Ymaris Lopez

"Perfect for Organizing"

This beauty, skincare and wellness planner is perfect for organizing and keeping track of all your daily routines! It helps you set personal goals on what you want to work on so that you can maximize your results. I love the inspirational quotes because they make you feel powerful and help increase self love. The 30 day challenges are very motivational and can help you create healthy habits to better yourself for a happy, healthier you! 

Keila Guadalupe

"Well thought out"

A well thought out plan for beauty, skincare, and wellness.

Timothy J Neary

Must Have for 2020

The book is an absolute must have. I really like all the hard work that went into it. Beauty, health, skin care goals. All something I'm looking forward to doing. What better way to get all that great information all in one book. 

Marisol Whippo

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