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How a Daily Planner Can Change Your Life eBook

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38-page eBook, 7,984 words

Chapter 1 – Basics of Using a Daily Planner
Chapter 2 – How a Planner Can Change Your Life
Chapter 3 – Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Planner
Chapter 4 – Types of Planner Pages and Layouts
Chapter 5 – Setting Up Your Planner
Chapter 6 – Creating a Daily Planner Routine
Chapter 7 – How to Become More Organized with a Planner
Chapter 8 – Create Positive Habits with Your Planner
Chapter 9 – Become a Healthier You with the Planner
Chapter 10 – Use Your Planner for Increased Productivity
Chapter 11 – How to Find Planner Inspiration
Chapter 12 – More Tips for Using Your Planner Effectively

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*This guide and Dr. Maritza Baez offer health, wellness, fitness, beauty and nutritional information that is to be used for educational purposes ONLY. This information is NOT intended to be individual medical advice. While Dr. Maritza Baez is a medical doctor, she is not YOUR doctor, cannot be held liable for the information written here, and the use of this guide does not constitute a one-on-one, doctor/patient relationship.

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