diy skincare recipes by dr maritza baez
DIY Skincare Recipes

18 page eBook packed with:
3 recipes for natural cleansers for radiant skin
1 recipe for a natural exfoliator
4 recipes for toners
2 recipes for moisturizers
4 recipes for facial masks
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3 day cleanse

3 day cleanse Includes:

5-day e-course (email signup required)
3-day self-check-in journal
3-day detox meal plan with recipes & nutritional information
This program involves eliminating all processed foods as well as foods to which most people are allergic or sensitive to such as dairy and gluten and consuming mostly fruit, organic vegetables, gluten-free whole grains, seeds, nuts, and lean protein.
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how a daily planner can change your life by dr maritza baez
How a Daily Planner Can Change Your Life eBook
Basics of Using a Daily Planner
How a Planner Can Change Your Life
Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Planner
Types of Planner Pages and Layouts
Setting Up Your Planner
Creating a Daily Planner Routine
How to Become More Organized with a Planner
Create Positive Habits with Your Planner
Become a Healthier You with the Planner
Use Your Planner for Increased Productivity
How to Find Planner Inspiration
More Tips for Using Your Planner Effectively
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dr maritza baez

Gratitude and Empowerment Mini-Course
I am so excited to share the Power of Gratitude. The very many powerful health benefits to a regular gratitude practice along with some tips and thoughts on how to cultivate a grateful heart. 

This course contains:
125-page Gratitude Workbook
12-minute video to go along with the Workbook 
3 segment Empowerment audio guide with transcripts
12-page Goal Setting workbook
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the goal guide by dr maritza baez

The Goal Guide
Includes: 29 page eBook and the Audio Book

Here, in this book, we will be considering the importance of setting goals and the benefits you can gain from it. We will also be discussing the ten tips that can help you to create achievable goals.
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skincare for all skin types by dr maritza baez

Skincare for All Skin Types

Wondering what your skin type is?  This 21 page eBook breaks it all down for you in the following chapters:

Do You Know Your Skin Type?
Skin Care Steps for All Skin Types
Skin Care for Normal Skin Types
Facial Products to Consider
Take Care with Facial Scrubs
Skin Care for Dry Skin Types
What’s Causing Your Dry Skin?
Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin
Skin Care for Oily Skin Types
Oily Skin Care Regimen
Skin Care for Combination Skin Types
Combination Skin Care Regimen

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Quick Start Guide for Setting up Your Planner by dr maritza baez

Quick Start Guide for Setting up Your Planner

In this guide we'll review:

Why everyone should use a planner
Tips for choosing the right planner
Tips for setting up your planner
Ideas for what to track in your planner
Benefits of color coding in your planner
How to set and stick to your goals with your planner

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Beauty Routine Tracker - FREE Download!
Keep Track to Reach Your Goals

My gift to you! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Get organized and never miss a step of your beauty, skincare and wellness routine! Keeping a record will help you note changes and get an understanding of what works best for you!

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i am beauty watch me soar 2020 by dr maritza baez
Ready to reach your goals? 

My 170-page planner will help you to get organized, gain clarity and perfect your wellness routines while allowing you to plan out how to reach any goal you set your intention toward.

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Winter-Proof Your Beauty Routine

This 10-page will guide you through the process of adjusting your beauty routine in the winter so that it works better for your skin. Just slight adjustments and adding in more natural products can make all the difference.
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3 day cleanse

Beauty Obsessions

This 29-page eBook covers the following:

Aging, Beauty and What You Can Do

Be Happy, Not Depressed

Exercise Regularly to Make the Clock Slow Down

Diet Is Everything

Taking Care of Your Skin

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

Don't Forget Your Hands

What Are Some Beauty Obsessions People Have?

Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery



Teeth Whitening


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